"Toys break - experiences don't"

Children day care in Berlin

Welcome To Mosaik - WeG

WeG g GmbH is a non-profit organization for the promotion of education and training.

We are an independent youth welfare organization that is publicly recognised.


We operate forest, integrated forest and regular day care centers as well as the "Adlershofer Remise" education center.

Solidarity with Ukraine!

Wir unterstützen Geflüchtete, Kindern bieten wir Betreuung in unseren Einrichtungen an.


Part of the Alltagstanz is to give the children a good sheltered feeling by making them self-sufficient.


Full breakfasts and lunches, gymnastics and music lessons, creative experiences, theater sessions and forest hiking groups allow us to spend everyday life together with the children, focusing on group activities and their development.


The Remise enables us the "WeG" to more mindfulness in everyday dance. Further education, qualification offers, training, the Berlin education program with focus on the forest u. Nature education to health management including prevention offers.

"Learning is discovering that something is possible."

– Fritz Perls

The Mission statement for our daycare centers can be read in detail in our Mosaik WeG. This is based on a humanistic, holistic and nature-oriented pedagogy.

WeGweisend für uns, auf unserem zu gestaltenden sowie entwickelnden und auch immer wieder neu zu entdeckendem Mosaik, sind feste pädagogische Bausteine die dafür sorgen, dass dem WeG eine Struktur in der Bewegung möglich ist.

Understanding of education

We assume that each child's understanding of education is self-active and therefore individually subjective from birth. This understanding of education serves us as a quality of orientation which is purposefully fed by a professional self-image. It is based on recognition, relationship - relatedness and is strengthened by stimulating the respective competencies of the child.

In the Berlin Education Program on page 27, the term "competencies" is used because it includes more than knowledge and skills. As a holistic term, it includes the acquisition of knowledge, cognitive and practical skills and abilities as well as attitudes, feelings, values and motivations. Competencies are therefore to be understood as general dispositions for independent and responsible action in life-world contexts.

Healthy balance

Body & Mind, Self-Related Kindness, Shared Experience.

Mindfulness "Here & Now"


To engage in action, to shape and implement shared values and its rules for our community together, like mosaics that form a painting.


Mental clarity - open senses

e.g. painting, kneading, smelling, mixing in the experimental room in- and outside

Small groups in learning communities


Welcome to our home - emblematic as a squirrel's nest, a Kobel

As a base, a sturdy branch compacted with leaves and moss, padded inside with bark, grass and moss.

Will-making & decision-making processes

Berliner Bildungsprogramm

Since 2004 now firmly anchored in the supplementary family offer and established in the carrier landscape, the basis for education and upbringing in the QVTAG (Quality Agreement Day Care Facilities in the State of Berlin).

Education is an activity of appropriation; educational processes are always tied to questions that create meaning. 


Means , to form value-oriented in "real situations" with "real conditions".

Started as a project for BNE – Bildung f. nachhaltige Entwicklung in 2017, "Threatened Animals - The Bee" / "My Friend the Beekeeper" has long been established in the day-to-day life of the daycare center. In-house locations of beehives and honey production.

Unser Team - Die WeGbegleiter*innen

"Organization is a means of multiplying the powers of the individual"

– Peter F. Drucker​

We believe that effectiveness and quality in work needs orientation. We understand quality development as work that builds on each other.

Team-oriented distribution of tasks

Like gears of a gearbox which mesh with each other

Quality assurance

A central task - Common goal

Individual - Contribute - Promote

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” – Henry Ford


Dedicated team players wanted! Does an active intentional quality appeal to you? Regular reflection, collegial consultation and planned support, are part of your everyday work?


Are you committed, do you want to take on responsibility and overarching tasks and at the same time see yourself as part of a community? If you find yourself in it, then talk or email us, we look forward to your contact request.

What children say

We listen to our children several times a day and always attentively, because children not only have rights but also "know exactly" - you can know!

We support the 10 fundamental rights for children established by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 and applicable worldwide.

*Names changed
"I like when we have breakfast outside."
"Educators have a good job, they fool around with us all day."
"We always have noodles on Monday, that's Noodle Monday."
"My favorite thing about lunch is that I can choose what I like because I already know that."
"Sometimes I'm in a really bad mood, but I feel better in the morning circle."

Adlershofer Remise

"Only those who change remain true to themselves"

– Wolf Biermann

A colorful program ranging from professional support to advanced training, qualification offers, team building, coaching, mediation offers, systemic constellation offers, training and quality assurance. For example, the Berlin education program or the promotion of stress management skills, so-called multimodal stress management.

Current events

Durchatmen im Wald

„Wenn Du in Eile bist, mache einen Umweg“ – Zen Buddismus

Gebucht – Team Waldbad, IE Aufgabengebiet C2 im BBP

Geschichte des Gelingens

Wie sind wir durch die Pandemie gekommen – Was hat Corona verändert?

Gebucht – Teambuilding, Erkundungsaufstellungen

Memory oder Mathe

„Spiel – heute schon gespielt“

Gebucht – IE Aufgabengebiet B 3 im BBP